What is an Astrolabe?

For some, the word Astrolabe may be puzzling.

This is not surprising as this incredible little instrument called an astrolabe was created over 2000 years ago and has long been replaced by new technologies.

However, if you had grown up in the 17th century this may have been the closest thing you could have to a smartphone. Some have called it the world’s first analog computer.

Originally made out of wood and later adapted to metal, this tool was stated to have over 1,000 different uses in areas as diverse as astronomy, navigation, surveying, timekeeping and plenty more.

An astrolabe may be the reason Canada has become what it is today.

Samuel de Champlain, a great explorer, used the dials on his astrolabe to help guide his long voyages at sea as well as giving him an insight on the time of day by using the suns coordinates. As a geographer for the king of France, his travels led him to discover a land rich in resources which he called “New France”. This land was in fact the first findings of our home, Canada.

Interestingly, Champlain’s endless journeys across Canada led him up a rough stretch of the Ottawa River where he lost his astrolabe. Many centuries later historians are believed to have found his treasured directional instrument in a field in Cobden Ontario, between Pembroke and Renfrew.

While this 17th century artifact is filled with diverse uses, one thing it was not able to do was provide financial advice. Fortunately, Astrolabe Financial has revamped this ancient instrument to address the need for financial direction.

Like a 17th century explorer who needs the help of an astrolabe to guide him in his quest for new territories, individuals in this day and age require some guidance in navigating towards their financial goals and dreams.