No sales. Only advice.

Among fee-only planners, Astrolabe Financial Group is unique – we only ever charge an hourly rate. We will never attempt to sell you a product or request that you move your investments to us.

The Canadian public instinctively understands that fee-only financial planning means clear unbiased professional advice. We receive no commissions, fees, or trailers from any financial institution which makes us free from the potential conflicts of interest that abound in Canada’s financial industry.

We have a clear flat fee structure. High pressure sales tactics are not part of who we are; we treat our clients with respect. When you are ready to engage with us, we provide a no-charge 15 minute introductory phone call to better determine whether or not there is a good fit between our organization and you. During this call, we will provide you with a firm quote if we believe that we can help you.

Retiring? Just getting started? We can help.

Unlike many financial advising firms, we don't expect you to have a minimum amount of assets to work with us. We can reach out to anyone seeking financial advice. It doesn't matter if you are a recent graduate new to the workforce, a worker reaching retirement, an executive in mid-life, or a grandparent in retirement looking to secure financial peace of mind --- Astrolabe Financial Group can help you. We are a distinctive financial planning firm in Ottawa: we have team of professionals, we do not manage assets, and we have no net worth or income requirements. We just offer clear advice with no hidden fees.

Financial planning can be intimidating. With Astrolabe Financial Group, it doesn't have to be. Let us steer you to calmer financial waters.

Financial Literacy for all!

Throughout the entire process, we put a strong focus on financial literacy. We work with you to increase your knowledge of personal finance, and better equip you to make informed financial decisions that will help  towards your goals.