Who can benefit from Astrolabe Financial Group?


Anyone looking for objective advice in building his or her plan to achieve their financial goals, or wants to improve their financial literacy while learning to manage their own finances.

If you are interested in day trading, stock picking, or delegating away all of your financial decisions, this is not the firm for you.


What does fee-only planning mean?


Fee-only advisors charge only for they services they provide to you. We do not receive financial compensation from fund companies or financial institutions and we do not receive commissions of any kind. The fee-only structure removes potential conflicts of interest that plague the sales-driven financial industry.


Does Astrolabe Financial group manage assets?


No. We will never ask you to transfer your assets into our custody. We only work on a fee-for-service basis, compensated for the hours we work for you.


Do I have to have a minimum income level or net worth to seek your services?


We accept anyone seeking objective financial advice regardless of income or net worth.


How much will you charge me and what do I get?


We charge a flat rate of $180 per hour. Our process begins with an interview and data collection. We review your financial situation and ask about your goals. Next, we do a complete breakdown of your current financial situation, we assess your current plan and determine whether your asset allocation matches your goals and risk tolerance. We explain everything in plain language and make recommendations that will help your plan stay on track.


How do I get started?

Contact us for a free 15 minute introductory phone call. Let us steer you to calmer financial waters.