We believe that good financial planning and education should be accessible to all.

Who we are

We pride ourselves in providing sound financial advice while improving our clients’ financial literacy throughout the process. It is then fitting that Astrolabe Financial Group’s anniversary always falls during Financial Literacy month

Contact us to learn about our services and how we can help you and your family achieve your financial goals. Let us steer you to calmer financial waters.

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What we offer

During consultations with our advisers, there will always be a strong focus on education. This will remain true whether it's your first meeting with us or your tenth. We want to properly equip our clients so they can slowly take on a larger role in managing all their financial affairs.

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Why we are here 

We offer advice, not products. We feel that the fees charged by the financial industry in Canada do a disservice to most Canadians. 

From helping you develop a sound financial plan, to mapping out your retirement options, we will ensure that you build a solid understanding of the issues behind all of your financial decisions.

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