Here's what our clients have to say about working with us

As we approached retirement, we realized that we had no real overall plan and no strategy for our savings and investments. Ryan provided us with an excellent overview of where we were at and a picture of our financial situation going forward. Based on discussions with him, Ryan drew up a financial plan that coordinates all our investments from pensions to CPP and RRSPs to TFSAs, with specific investment advice. We meet twice a year with Ryan and get an update and recommendations to re-balance our portfolio.

Ryan is thoughtful, calm and understands our goals. Our portfolio has performed well and most importantly, we have the confidence that we have a plan going forward.

Alan & Susan


Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat (CICS) would like to thank you for the excellent pre-retirement workshop provided to our team. The info, the flow, the guests were excellent. Your panel of subject matter experts were able to provide the required info to help our future retirees: Tax Law, Investment Management, Estate Planning, Insurance, Retiring Abroad and much more. The 2 days just flew by and the quality of the workshop was just splendid.

Diane, Canadian Intergovernmental Conference Secretariat


We respect and appreciate Ryan, his business model, and the specific advice he has given to us. He has saved us a lot of money in fees, while ensuring that, as seniors, our portfolio is properly balanced in accordance with our retirement goals. He's walked us through the steps needed to do our own investing, has even come to our home to help us with it, and is readily available whenever we have questions. We trust his integrity, and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Joyce & Murray


Astrolabe Financial Group helped me with the creation of a financial plan in preparation for a major life transition, a return to full-time graduate studies in another city. Through the process, I was very impressed with their perceptiveness, flexibility and personalized, client-centered, mentorship approach to the creation of my financial plan. They were ready to go above and beyond my expectations, whether that was meeting me at the place of my choosing, helping me weigh the pros and cons of my return to school or answering any questions, uncertainties or new developments that have arisen since my plan was created.

It is clear to me that they care a great deal about my financial and professional success, and I can say I have a great deal of trust in and respect for their advice. I would especially recommend their services to young professionals who are looking to take control of their own financial futures but are unsure how to navigate the uncertain waters of the insurance, banking and investing industries.



We highly recommend Astrolabe Financial for everyone trying to keep their finances in check. We are following through with the plan and the service is paying for itself quicker than expected.

In the beginning we were not sure we needed financial planning, we thought we knew enough about it and could do it on our own. What drove us to seek help was the fact that despite of all our due diligence, financial apps and spreadsheets we could not find a way to stop using overdraft, credit cards and the line of credit. We were finding it difficult to contribute to our RRSP and the education fund for our son. We needed a better plan.

For us, Astrolabe Financial's biggest advantage is that they are compensated by the hour and not by selling investments. They kept our best interests in mind at all times. Their conversation does not sound like a mutual fund sales pitch disguised as financial advice. We always found dangerous to get advice from people that have products to sell and work on commission.

The financial plan they prepared for us was very thorough. They took their time reviewing it with us and were always available for questions. We had some questions that were very specific to our situation and they have followed up with them all. For us, the results were almost immediate. We have nothing but good things to say about them. We wish we had done this a long time ago.

Flavio & Nara


Prior to meeting Ryan Kerr of Astrolabe financial, our advisor had us paying very high investment fees and had designed a very complex portfolio. Ryan was able to greatly simplify our portfolio, and show us how we could manage our investments in a manner that made us comfortable and confident, and did this at a fraction of the cost. He was also able to provide us with an easy to follow, common sense plan to bring us into a financially sustainable retirement. We are very pleased with Astrolabe Financial.

Joanne & Geoff


After about six months of my wife and I trying to figure out if we were in the financial shape to retire in about three years, we contacted Astrolabe Financial.   Ryan examined our expenses, pension and RRSPs and, most importantly, our tolerance for risk.   Instead of trying to convince us that we should shoot for the moon and place our money in high return -- high risk -- investments, Ryan crafted an investment strategy that not only worked but made sense.  

We were especially impressed with the fact that Astrolabe does not sell products but, rather suggest where you can invest:  on-line brokerage, through a major bank or trust company. This means that Astrolabe did not have a financial interest in our decision or, to put it another way, Astrolabe did not get a commission for steering business towards any particular company. Astrolabe was, in a few words, working for us.

Nathan & Micheline