Astrolabe Guiding the Way: Youth Futures & Financial Literacy

Did you know that more than 7 in 10 Canadians are not fully confident their math and money management skills will help them plan for a secure financial future? Whether we like it or not, money management skills are essential in insuring we can uphold a certain standard of living. Surprisingly, there is a large gap in the educational system in regards to teaching even the basics of finance: budgeting, savings and debt.

Astrolabe prides itself on making financial education accessible to all Canadians. On August 13th we joined the Youth Futures initiative to help spread financial literacy to the next generation. Youth Futures is a partnership between the local post-secondary institutions in Ottawa, the City of Ottawa and Ottawa Community Housing which helps students aged 16-21 of low income communities have access to the support and skills necessary to succeed in post-secondary studies and prosper in the workforce.

Through two financial literacy seminars in each of Canada’s official languages we thought the personal finance basics from; learning to save, investing, as well as understanding the difference between good and bad debts. We look forward to continuing our mission in helping all Canadians with their financial affairs and making sure the next generation of Canadians live a more prosperous life through wise financial choices.