Creating a Financial Plan

At Astrolabe Financial Group we specialize in providing you with a comprehensive financial plan for achieving your goals.  We ensure that your plan addresses your concerns while detailing the methods to achieve success. 

Current Investments Analysis  

We offer an objective second thought by providing you with a thorough breakdown of your current investments and investment products. We will give a detailed picture of the types of investments that you have, a clear explanation of the fee structure attached to your current investments, and whether they contribute to achieving your financial goals. If warranted, we will provide recommendations on alternatives, but we will never sell or offer an investment product to you.

Personal Finance Education

We offer personal financial education through workshops and seminars. Our seminars and workshops help you understand how to use your workplace benefits and retirement vehicles as intended. We can tailor our workshops and seminars to address specific issues, such as helping groups understand retirement options.

Other Specific Events

Astrolabe Financial Group is happy to provide consulting services.  We can meet with you to discuss any financial questions you may have such as; maternity/paternity planning, understanding options with a recent layoff, and modeling income at retirement and portfolio performance. 




Astrolabe Financial Group charges a flat hourly rate of $180/hour and does not accept compensation from fund companies or financial institutions. The cost of the total service depends on the complexity of your situation and requirements. It could be as low as 5 to 10 hours, up to 15 to 20 hours for more complex needs.

We are not opposed to working within the constraints of your budget, or invoicing the total cost of the service over several months to make it more affordable and inclusive. All reasonable requests will be considered.  

To determine if Astrolabe Financial Group can help you, we offer a free 15 minute introductory phone call for prospective clients.